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Warning! BDEA Berlin Deutsche Energy AG Zum Thema
We are a German community related to the Philippines. Most of our members are married to a Pinay.

Today, we received word about a company offering work to people in Asia, at least in the Philippines, which names itself "BDEA Berlin Deutsche Energy AG" and promises lots of benefits.

Be aware, this company doesn't exist, and the website of them is a fake.
It is a copy of this website of an existing German company.
Which, of course, will NOT offer you any Jobs.

If you read this and know people searching for a job, please warn them as well!
If you have any possibilities to publish or link our warning, please do it!

An example of a "Letter of Appointment" from this fake company can be downloaded as PDF here.

So, don't be a fool, jobs like this would be happily taken by Europeans of all countries, including Germans. Be assured, there is enough qualified personnel here in Germany to occupy jobs like these.
This company which doesn't exist in reality exists on the paper just for one single reason: To extort money from you and your families!

The only jobs currently available and given to foreigners are in nursing and care. And they are only for specially educated and qualified people.
For other jobs, it is very difficult to impossible to obtain any type of visa for the EU.
Von Speedy (01.06.2017 14:04) Gelesen: 934x - Kommentar
Reisewarnung für Philippinen ausgeweitet Zum Thema

Reisehinweis für Philippinen ausgeweitet

Das Auswärtige Amt hat seinen Reise- und Sicherheitshinweis für die Philippinen ausgeweitet. Die Behörde weist nun auch auf ein erhöhtes Entführungsrisiko auf Nord-Palawan, Culion und Coron hin.

Von ferien (27.04.2017 11:36) Gelesen: 842x - Kommentar
Neue Balikbayanbox Regeln sind verschoben Zum Thema
Von khv (07.10.2017 10:13) Gelesen: 243x - Kommentar
Dutertes Revolution – Gut für die Philippinen und Südostasien Zum Thema
Dutertes Revolution – Gut für die Philippinen und Südostasien

Von ferien (27.09.2017 19:46) Gelesen: 244x - Kommentar
Philippinen: Schüsse beim Präsidentenpalast Zum Thema
Philippinen: Schüsse beim Präsidentenpalast

Von ferien (27.09.2017 09:16) Gelesen: 175x - Kommentar
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